Herbalife’s formula 3 or cell activator are capsules, which is what ties it all together, with the power of aloe the cell activator capsules can help you support the absorption of micronutrients

This means that it favors the absorption of food, including formulas 1 and 2 so that your body can use them.

Formula 3 or Cell Activator also offers select botanical nutrients and highly effective antioxidants to better sustain food in your body.

Alpha Lipoic Acid is a potent cell activator antioxidant that combats the effects of oxidative damage caused by free radicals and serves to protect the integrity of the mitochondrial membrane.

This means that Formula 3 can support efficient cellular energy production.

Formula 3 Cell Activator

Key benefits

  • Alpha lipoic acid helps regenerate the antioxidant activity   of cells. *
  • Aloe Vera can benefit the body by facilitating the absorption of micronutrients. *


  • Alpha lipoic acid is an antioxidant that fights free radical oxidative damage in mitochondria, recycling other antioxidants   within the cell. *
  • The mitochondria is the “engine” of cells, producing energy for numerous biological processes.
  • In capsule


Take one capsule twice a day with your shakes or meals.

Finally I want to give you a recommendation, the fundamental basis of Herbalife’s cellular nutrition are the first 3 formulas which are the formula 1 shake, the formula 2 multivitamin complex and the cell activator or cell activator formula 3.

When you use them, you are making the most of our exclusive cellular nutrition plan, get the power of cellular nutrition, place your order right now, if you don’t know how to get it, contact me and I’ll be happy to help.

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