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This program is used as a healthy alternative to breakfast, weight maintenance plan. Discover your Herbalife Breakfast Pack, for  a great day  ! You have in your possession  the three must-have Herbalife , which are also  the most sold in the world

Formula 1 Shake (550g)
– Instant Beverage – Tea (50g)
– Herbal Aloe

This program gives you a boost with extra Vitamins and Minerals in the right dose, to make you feel and look good from the inside.

Breakfast is THE most important meal of the day! Eating breakfast helps to improve mental performance, concentration and mood!

How to use
Swap your normal breakfast with a Herbalife Formula 1 shake (mix with low-fat milk or a lactose free alternative for example unsweetened light soy/almond)

Use the Thermo tea to replace your normal tea/coffee.

Use the Herbal Aloe and mix with your water to help you reach your RDA by giving it a great zingy taste. Helps to cleanse the body.

2x Vitamin and Mineral tablets.

Eat a nutritionally balanced lunch and evening meal and incorporate 2 healthy snacks if necessary.

This program is used as a healthy alternative to breakfast, weight maintenance plan.

Discover your Herbalife Breakfast Pack, for  a great day  ! You have in your possession  the three must-have Herbalife , which are also  the most sold in the world  :

  • 1-Nutritional drink Formula 1 
  • 9 flavors to choose from Order yours

Choose between 9 flavors, each  more delicious than the next! There is even a  gluten-free version with no soy or added lactose  ! Gluten-free vanilla flavors are suitable even for vegetarians. It provides you with all the  nutrients and minerals essential  to your body! This  vitamin cocktail  also contains  protein , to maintain your muscle tissue. Your Formula 1 allows you to  vary the recipes endlessly , and thus to discover new flavors every day! Go to our  Recipes Section  and request our new recipe book  Herbalife to fill up on inspiration… Shakes of course but cakes, waffles, pancakes, cookies and even pizzas will hold no secrets for you.

Overview Herbalife Cookbook see link

2-Concentrated drink with Aloe Vera  :


Whether you choose the  mango one or the classic scent , your Aloe Vera Drink will hydrate you   throughout your day! It  soothes your body  and ensures  better transit . It refreshes you   effectively while doing you good.

3-Instant fat-burning drink based on tea and plant extracts

th%C3%A91Choose your favorite scent, and enjoy all the benefits of your tea-based drink! Rich in caffeine, you stay  focused all day  thanks to it. You also benefit from its  antioxidant  and especially slimming virtues . Indeed, it is a  slimming accelerator of formidable effectiveness  ! You  burn more calories , while the calorie intake from one serving of Herbalife tea is very low . The latter also participates in the elimination of waste from your body .

Breakfast is a  particularly important time , and the rest of your day may even depend on it.  Skipping this step would therefore be a mistake . If you are short on time, you will find that your Breakfast Pack is  the ideal solution . Your Herbalife Shake is  ready in 3min  and your two drinks are just as  quick to prepare .

Order your Breakfast Pack now  to enjoy the best of Herbalife products and fill up with daily vitality!


How to lose weight with the world number 1 in meals in the form of shakes *

Control your calorie intake with a delicious Herbalife meal replacement ready in seconds. Finally, a  slimming meal of only 220 kcal  per portion which brings you an excellent balance of high quality proteins, essential micro-nutrients and plant extracts.

Do you see yourself losing weight with Formula 1 Herbalife ? Thousands of people have done it **. Why not you ?

Weight loss is based on a very simple principle: If your diet is too rich in relation to your calorie expenditure, you gain weight. If you burn more calories than you take in, you lose weight **.  So how many calories do you eat compared to the calories you burn each day? In order to burn calories, a minimum of physical activity is a parameter that you can influence. The other parameter is to  control your diet with 2 Herbalife slimming meals of only 220 kcal very rich in nutrients and protein. 

Overview recipe book made exclusively from Herbalife nutritional products 
The all new Herbalife Cook Book


The Herbalife Nutrition Cookbook features a collection of 80 recipes inspired by Europe and Africa.
The recipes have been tested by our Research and Development team and by a professional chef so that members and customers can enjoy tasty ingredients while meeting everyone’s nutritional needs.
This book is a great opportunity to show the diversity of Herbalife Nutrition products used as ingredients in a wide variety of dishes, snacks and even desserts.
I offer you even better, for any purchase of your Herbalife nutritional program I graciously offer you the Herbalife cook book and its 80 recipes, this is my way of thanking you for your order and of welcoming you.

Replace 2 Meals A Day To Lose Weight

Formula 1 fragrance is a classic at Herbalife. Delicious, creamy and rich in nutrients, it is the perfect replacement for a balanced meal. As part of your Herbalife weight loss program, substitute two meals per day with your Herbalife Shake (breakfast and dinner or breakfast and lunch depending on your family, social or work needs).

Your Herbalife Formula 1 slimming drink comes with  9 absolutely delicious flavors . Discover our exclusive slimming recipes with the  new red fruit delights flavor  today.

Efficiency Proven By Science!

The result of research, the Herbalife nutritional drink plays an effective role in weight loss, if possible combined with physical activity. Your Formula 1 drink has been developed by experts in nutrition and medicine.

An independent clinical study conducted by Professor Marion Fletchtner-Mors reveals that the Herbalife weight loss program has produced excellent results °. This study indicates that the daily consumption of Herbalife Shakes and Meal Replacements as part of a low calorie diet plays an effective role in weight control. Since 1980, millions of customers have also noticed it **.

A Balanced Slimming Meal Of 220kcal

5 astuces pour un petit dejeuner rapide et equilibre width1024Benefit from a practical, gourmet and economical alternative with a balanced nutritional meal of only 220kcal.

Through a Herbalife Formula 1 meal, you consume your recommended daily allowance of essential nutrients: Vitamins C, E, A, calcium, potassium, magnesium… You have everything to gain! It is also made up of a soy protein intake, which provides all the essential amino acids. Thus, your 250ml slimming drink contains everything your body needs.

Rich In Protein

Your Formula 1 Herbalife Shake is high in protein, with 18g of protein per serving. Why the proteins? Because they are essential for the functioning of cells and the tissue growth of the muscle. David Heber, President of the Herbalife Nutrition Institute, recommends 2g of protein per pound of lean body mass. Your Herbalife Coach will tell you how to optimize the use of your Formula 1 Herbalife to meet your weight loss goal while preserving your muscle tissue. By playing on your natural metabolism, you will directly attack the fat mass which unfortunately represents 5 times the volume of your muscle mass …

Practical, Efficient And Above All Greedy!

Developed by nutrition experts , your Formula 1 Shake is super quick to prepare. A delicious slimming drink to combine with different media such as fruit juice or milk products (milk, yogurt, cottage cheese or soy milk). Your pleasure is increased tenfold. The Herbalife slimming drink allows you a multitude of possibilities, both sweet and savory. Discover our Herbalife recipes now.

Get the best discounts from our VIP clients

Satisfied Or Refunded Guarantee

Did you know ? You have the 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee or your full refund for your Formula 1 Herbalife Slimming Shake. Your satisfaction and your results are our only drivers. This is our ultimate goal.

Free And Personalized Coaching By Your Herbalife Member

Whatever your slimming goal, we offer you our free and personalized coaching to allow you to benefit from our experience and our advice. Discover all the other flavors of Formula 1 nutritional drink by following  this link . There’s even a gluten, soy, and lactose- free vanilla scent that’s suitable for vegetarians.

Order your Formula 1 vanilla now to find your dream figure! This is one of the most popular flavors of our customers.

Formula 1 for nutritional shakes, no soy, no added gluten and no soy: to start your wellness program Order  online 

* Source Euromonitor International Limited. Definitions by category of meal replacement; 28.5% public market share, all retail sales networks, 2014 edition; sale, retail value.

** These slimming results are not systematic. They can vary depending on the individual and their metabolism. The Herbalife Program can help control your weight or slim your figure by eating a calorie-controlled diet where possible with minimal physical activity.

° The independent clinical study by Professor Marion Flechtner-Mors has shown that a diet rich in protein based on shakes of Formula 1 Herbalife and Formula 3 – Personalized Protein Powder was more effective in terms of weight control rather than calorie restriction alone as part of a traditional diet. Study conducted by Marion Flechtner-Mors, M., BO Boehm, et al. (2010). “Optimized weight control using protein-enriched meal replacements in patients with metabolic syndrome.” »Diabetes / Metabolism research and reviews 26 (5): 393-405.




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