We now know that Herbalife Tea is an excellent drink, not only for its particular taste but also for the infinite benefits brought by oxidants that are contained in it. Herbalife Tea is also perfect for children as it also contains proteins and minerals suitable for healthy growth.

Obviously as with everything you should not overdo it and perhaps not everyone knows that there are more suitable times of the day to consume Herbalife Tea, so we ask ourselves: when to drink Herbalife Tea?

When is the right time for Herbalife Tea?

The first answer to give is “depends”, in the sense that depending on the reasons why you drink Herbalife Tea, the right time to take this drink can change. In fact, if you decide to drink Herbalife Tea to try to burn fat then it is advisable to drink it 20 minutes after meals, if instead you want to integrate proteins and minerals into your diet then it is better to take it before meals, so as to increase the levels of magnesium, vitamins C and E and catechins.

Children, on the other hand, when is it better to drink Herbalife Tea? They need to drink Herbalife Tea for antioxidants and vitamins so it is advisable to drink one cup a day before lunch, sweetening the drink with a teaspoon of honey.

How much Herbalife Tea can you drink in a day?

Having ascertained when to drink Herbalife Tea we must ask ourselves how much we can drink; the right amount of Herbalife Tea in a day is maximum 3 cups per day. Exceeding this dose could result in tachycardia, nausea and increased blood pressure. In addition it is always better to consume the last cup of tea at least two hours before bedtime otherwise it could cause insomnia.


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